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Role at BGS and CM10

Was a key member of the Front End team during development and release of Championship Manager 2010.

Was responsible for software development and maintenance of core Front End screens(see panel to the right), components, as well as productivity tools to assist development and testing of the Front End for CM10.

Liaised with back end teams, design, art, QA and production to hit milestones and targets with strict deadlines. All development work was highly critical both in terms of quality and performance as the results of all work undertaken had serious implications in what end-users saw and interacted with in the game.

  • Created a productivity tool for dynamic XML reloading in-game which saved artists, production and art hours of time. Instead of loading up the game, making and XML change and reloading the game they could just reload the XML dynamically thus saving a lot of time.
  • Created the ability to record and play back user actions for QA use through a Front End GUI. A user could begin record any mouse or keyboard interaction in real time which was then streamed out to file. This could then be later reloaded within the game to replay a sequence of user actions.
  • Constructed an automated UI testing tool thaqt would randomly click throughout the Front End and attempt to find crashes all around the game. Actions would be recorded so that they could be reproduced at a later stage if a crash occured.
  • Helped architect structural changes to the Front End including developing a model-view controller based component system, back end bridge and optimised Front End loading and reloading.
  • Assumed role of mentor for new Front end developers due to extensive knowledge of Front End systems.
  • Awarded "Best New Signing" at BGS release party for best new hire in 2009.

Other contributions to CM10

Other skills acquired

More screenshots and info can be found at the Championship Manager offical website.

Some of the screens I worked on for CM10

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Match display screen

Match stats screen

Tactics screen

Squad View screen